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Proceed transactions with ease and security, on the go.

Docertify makes signing transactions easy and secure through web browsers either from your desk or any mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Simple certificate ownership

No risk of token loss or theft, no complex renewal procedures, keys and certificates will be fully managed in the cloud.

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Cloud storage, no download.

Signer will be able to easily sign documents stored in the cloud with any device, without having to download them first.

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Docertify trusted eSignature platform

  • PAdES PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures.

  • eIDAS Regulation.

  • LTV Advanced digital signatures with long-term validation.

  • Tamper-Proof audit trail.

  • Trusted Timestamp PDF.

  • Certificate of Completion signed document.

Docertify Enterprise security


HIPAA compliance

Docertify supports HIPAA certification via the business associate agreement (BAA) and protocol documentation on request.


GDPR compliance

GDPR extends the rights of customers, giving them greater control over their personal data.


OAuth 2.0

The Docertify REST API uses standard OAuth 2.0 implementation with 2048 bit security and ssl encryption on all traffic.